Actions 2022

Summer 2022 in the courtyard of the Museum.
Summer 2022 in the courtyard of the Museum. 

Actions 2021

Summer 2021 in the courtyard of the Museum.
Summer 2021 in the courtyard of the Museum. After many months of suspension of Museums and Cultural Centers, Hayati Ladia embraces the human need for expression in a creative encounter with music, theater, literature, speeches and interactive workshops. The main axis for the design of this year's program was the local and social history that is retrieved from the collective memory, bringing to the present scenes from the period of tobacco cultivation in Proti. At the same time, the traditional dyeing techniques of textile yarns are being revived, within the framework of the educational program "Yarns in the labyrinth of the world" under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. The focus is on Mount Paggaio, which played an important role in the cultural and economic development of the inhabitants of the area. The acquaintance with the mountain is attempted in many ways through the talk about its history, paths and flora. In addition, within the framework of the event, the new novel by Demosthenes Koslidis "Socrates, my character… .. my destiny" will be presented to the public. The group "Expression and Creation of Proti" will exhibit their paintings and the Pangaerites Kantadori will open the events melodic. Finally, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821, the periodical exhibition entitled "To Kiupkioi [Proti] after 1821" is hosted at the Museum. The events will observe the necessary protection measures against covid 19
The new educational program

Actions 2020

Saturday 22 August 2020.
Saturday, August 22, 2020. The great weaver Angeliki Stefanidou, gave life to the loom of the folklore museum Hayati Ladia in Proti, Serres. We "armed" him from the beginning, passing the warp with care in a highly experiential workshop.
Wednesday 29 July 2020
Hayati Ladia digitally exhibits its textiles
World Poetry Day
The educational program
Press release
The Dietitian Anthropologist Antonia Papadopoulou
The educational program
Press Release: February 16, 2020
Press Release: The Hayati Ladia Folklore Museum

Actions 2019


MUSHROOMS COLLECTION at Agios Christoforos in Proti, Serres on Saturday 09/11/2019 & time 11 a.m.

Excursion to Paggaio
Decoupage exhibition
Traditional & Rebetiki music
Chanting night
The unknown fascinating world with speaker Sidiropoulos Lazaros
Presentation of a book by Manthos Skargiotis
Cutting the New Year's pie

Actions 2018

Painting Exhibition of the expression and creation group Proti.
Painting Exhibition of the expression and creation group Proti.Event duration Sunday, July 29 to Saturday, August 4, opening hours 20.30 p.m. with 22.30 pm (video)
Revival of green tobacco processing
We create macrame for the pots with Mrs. Marieta Iosifidou.

Actions 2017

Solidarity Movement in Vrisa, Lesvos.

Monday 05 June 2017. Solidarity Movement in Vrisa, Lesvos.

Creating a grandmother's cloth doll
Revival of green tobacco processing.

Actions 2015

Thursday 23 July. "Masalia Protis" participants: Vassilis Vellikis - Daskaloudis Panagiotis - Tsioutsioulis Vassilis - Makis Pournaris and those who know. Recording of folklore interest. Start 10:30 p.m.
Group exhibition entitled:
With sculpture by Konstantinos Vais.
Every Wednesday on the balcony of klik literary activity entitled:

Actions 2014

Solo exhibition of models by Dimitris Agorastos.
Solo exhibition of models by Dimitris Agorastos. Event duration 19-07-2014 to 24-07-2014, opening hours: 20.30-23.00.
Easel on the road.

Actions 2013

Easel on the road
Easel on the street, with the theme: "street of colors". Event duration 31-07-2013 to 08-08-2013, opening hours: 21.00-23.30.
Exhibition of handmade jewelry.