"Water & salt"

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On the occasion of the exhibition "water & salt" of the Visual Arts Elena Barba, hosted in Hayati Ladia, the event entitled "Life and Salt" was held.

     The works in the collection, created with water, salt and ink, are creatively associated with the art of cooking and nutrition issues.

Dietitian - Nutritionist Antonia Papadopoulou, analyzed the positive and negative effects of salt on human health, emphasizing the importance of balance and moderation in its consumption
     Cook Giannis Dandolos, suggested ways of cooking and selection of raw materials in order to prepare delicious meals, without the addition of salt. He also prepared and offered to the attendees orange salad, showing that with the use of seasonal ingredients we can make dishes with more flavor and less salt. The warm and friendly atmosphere allowed the fruitful discussion about salt in cooking, nutrition and art, creating a multifaceted experiential experience for everyone.

Curated by Giota Vassiliadou (Historian-Ethnologist) and Angelos Gotsinas (Doctor of Archeology).