The preservation of the family memory, the preservation of the local history and the preservation of the material evidence of the popular culture, were the motivation for the establishment of the Museum by Vasiliki Ladia and Christos Tsifoutis.

  The doors of the Hayati Ladia Folklore Museum opened for the first time in 2014. The local community embraced the museum and recognized its important cultural contribution. This acceptance led to the creation of AMKE of the Folklore Museum Hayati Ladia Protis and the formation of the first Board of Directors. At the same time, since then, the members' association (Become a Member) of the museum has been operating, which actively participates in the decision-making and in the election of the Board of Directors. In addition, its members offer volunteer work and enjoy special privileges.

The Museum does not have a stable source of funding. The founders, with their personal work and expenses, maintained and restored the buildings that are today the shell of the museum as well as its collection.

  The operation of the Museum is ensured thanks to the voluntary work and the financial support of the members, the sponsors, the scientific team and the founders. In addition, it can receive sponsorships and donations from public and private organizations.