When you visit the Folklore Museum Hayati Ladia in Proti, at Serres, Region you come to the tobacco warehouses of the Ladia family that were built in the early 20th century. The tobacco warehouses, with the hayati and the cobbled path in the courtyard of the country house, typical Pangaeorean type house ,of the family, constitute a a unified tobacco production unit of the pre-industrial period. Its premises are housed in a wide-fronted mansion bought in 1919 by Evangelos Ladias from the Muslim Mehmet Kehagia, is a sample of local architecture and an example of cultural exchange between Christians and Muslims.
  Through the objects of the permanent collection housed in the two warehouse buildings, you are getting a tour in moments of the daily life of a typical tobacco-producing family, along with the economic and political history facts of the turbulent 20th century, which transfers society from pre-industrial to industrial age.

  The preservation of the family memory, the preservation of the local history and the preservation of the material evidence of folklore culture, were the motivation for the establishment of the folklore Museum by Vasiliki Ladia and Christos Tsifoutis.

The doors of the Hayati Ladia Folklore Museum opened for the first time in 2014. The local community embraced the museum and recognized its important cultural contribution. This acceptance led to the creation of AMKE of the Folklore Museum Hayati Ladia Protis Serron and the formation of the first Board of Directors.
Our mission:

The preservation of family memory.
The promotion of the social, economic and political history of the Proti Serron.
The rescue of the material evidence of the folklore culture of the wider area of ​​Serres.
The study of folkrole culture, traditional practices and professions.
The promotion of scientific research in the fields of history, folklore culture, social anthropology, architecture and in general the support of all arts.
Cultural communication with institutions and individuals through the organization of educational programs, periodical exhibitions, workshops and other activities.

See the Museum's collection

All the objects of the collection that are exhibited in the museum are at the same time part of the family heritage of the creators and a "sacred" legacy, which they preserved with reverence and devotion.
The collection of the Folklore Museum Hayati Ladia is constantly enriched thanks to the offer of objects of great emotional and historical value by donors


Meet "Proti" of Serres

Proti is one of the oldest, and perhaps the most picturesque village in the area of Paggaio. It is built at the foot of the golden mountain and on its north side, at an altitude of 310 meters. To the South-West is the village of Rodolivos, to the North-West is the village of Aggista and to the North-East is Nea Bafra. It is far from the urban centers of the region (50km from Serres, 27km from Drama, 50km from Kavala, 120km from Thessaloniki), a fact that forced the region to develop its own culture.
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